Living in Ottawa is all about connections

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  • June 20, 2016

Urban planners in every major cities begin their growth planning the same way; by drawing transit lines. In Ottawa, a total of $600million worth of LRT lines have been drawn. The Stage 2 Expansion is underway of the O-Train’s Confederation Line farther east to Place d’Orleans station, west to Bayshore Station, and southwest to Baseline Station while extending the Trillium Line southwards to Riverside South at Bowesville. In total, Ottawa’s transit system will add 19 new stations and 30kms of track with a projected completion of downtoan station in 2017 and the full line in 2018. Residents at ReResidences can hop aboard at the new Parliament Station at Queen St and O’Connor, literally on the doorstep, for connections to major malls including Bayshore, Rideau Centre, St. Laurent and South Keys. The route will also connect to the Via Rail Station, University of Ottawa, Place de Ville, the many government offices at Tunney’s Pasture, and a range of recreational and cultural opportunities. The Parliament Station will also offer direct connection to the Sun Life Centre and Heritage Place, great for those wintery days.