Crane Arrival an Important Milestone In Construction

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  • August 16, 2017

In ancient times, high festival days were marked in red on the calendar – hence the term “red-letter day”. The arrival of the tower crane at the site of reResidences was just such a red-letter day in July for Ashcroft Homes. Marking an important construction milestone at reResidences, its installation heralds the start of the actual building.

When the crane arrives, it means that the foundation has been completed and work can begin on the above ground structure. reResidences has five-and- a-half levels of underground parking so the foundation is approximately five storeys deep.

In preparation for the crane’s arrival, a 350-ton mobile crane was stationed on Queen Street, which was closed for the event. The reResidences crane arrived in pieces on 12 flatbed trailer trucks. Once delivered, it was put together in stages. The first stage was the assembly of the Tower. After that, the turntable and operator cab was bolted to the top section. Then the gib-arm, that does the actual lifting during construction, was erected.

The crane is 260’ in height, and will increase to 330’ high as construction progresses. It will be seen on-site for approximately one year during the building of the two-tower reResidences condominium. Deceptively slender in appearance, it has a lifting capacity of almost 18,000 lbs, or 9 tons, which is over-capacity for the job. Every day during construction, the crane operator will climb to the top of the crane, stopping to rest at the landings along the way up the long ladder. He will remain at the top of the crane all day. As Senior Site Supervisor Robert McKinstry said, “Crane operators are usually young and have a great sense of perspective since they are seeing everything from 300′ up!”

In total, to erect the re Residences crane required 8 hours of work, carefully putting it together in sections, while the street was closed. Unsurprisingly, the event garnered quite a lot of attention with crowds watching throughout the process and officials dropping by to monitor progress. But eventually the crane was up and re Residences will begin to rise high in the downtown Ottawa skyline. The condominium comprises a 6-storey building on Sparks Street and 18-storey building on Queen Street linked by a courtyard. Residents will enjoy the prestige and privilege of an inspired address overlooking Parliament Hill with exclusive amenities that are many steps above any other.

The next chapter in the story of the re Residences crane will unfold in about one year when it will be taken down, using a mobile crane to dismantle the tower crane and then it will be removed in sections. Stay tuned.